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REELmcr in the Community

REELmcr utilise a community-centered approach to harness the processes of drama, writing and filmmaking to promote community cohesion and empowerment, by encouraging participants to explore the issues that affect them and their communities.


Our process is designed to challenge a narrow view of life, and present the possibilities of new friendships, alliances and opportunities for change.


We have a tried and tested framework for working across communities, and our track record shows that we are very successful at working with the most hard to reach. The methods used, mean that groups enjoy what they are doing and the learning is a by-product. Often participants do not correlate learning with enjoyment, so a significant barrier to learning is lifted during REELmcr projects.


KEEPER OF TALES - Summer 2015 - 30mins

REELmcr and St Vincent's Housing Association in partnership on a Heritage Lottery Funded project 'Telling Tales, Myths and Legends of Lancashire'.

Lancashire is a County steeped in history,
Blackburn a town right at the heart of that County,
its history and its people as deep rooted as the trees
and rocks that make up the rugged landscape.
Some believe that the past is dead and gone,
some believe it is still with us...